Necropsy / Pathology

Special Information for Necropsy Submissions

Call back service for admission of samples to the Necropsy Facility is available for large animal cases during the following times: 

9:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. – Saturdays

9:00 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. – Sundays and Holidays

Call back service is no longer available after 5:00 pm on weekdays.

To access the Necropsy call back service, phone (306) 291-9281 to arrange for PDS personnel to receive the submission. Arrangements for an emergency necropsy examination can be made at this time. Additional charges for emergency necropsy examinations and after-hours case submissions apply. The PDS Necropsy Facility regular hours of operation are weekdays from 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M.

Multiple fetuses or neonates under 10 days of age from a single dam (e.g., Twins, litters) and small neonates (under 10 kg), such as suckling piglets and lambs, from the same flock or barn problem, will be handled as one submission and will be processed as a single necropsy fee. Note: if individual processing and reporting is required, the regular necropsy fee will apply.

Multiple birds from one poultry flock or barn (same problem, same ages), will be handled as one submission, Necropsy – Small Poultry Flock, and will be processed as a single necropsy fee.

Wherever possible, multiple samples from the same flock or herd will be combined by the PDS lab to minimize costs for certain tests. When submitting multiple samples from the same flock or herd, please submit all fresh tissues in individual containers and clearly identify the source of each sample. If more than 10 Histopathology slides are required per submission, the appropriate Histopathology-Paraffin process, embed, cut, and stain H&E fee will apply for each slide.

For Abortion submissions see Maximising the Chance of Achieving Diagnoses on Bovine Abortions and a Diagnostic Algorithm Based on Western Canadian Bovine Diseases.

For Swine submissions refer to Guidelines for Swine Multi Animal Submissions.

Additional charges may apply for cases that are more complex than a routing necropsy (e.g., neurological/spinal, research interest cases, etc.).

Please note that the first 10 Histopathology slides, if required, are included in the cost of the necropsy. If more than 10 Histopathology slides are required per submission, the appropriate Histopathology-Paraffin process, embed, cut, and stain H&E fee will apply for each slide

Sample preparation fee will apply for submissions to the Microbiology Laboratory that are too large to process in the Microbiology Laboratory. The fees are as follows:

Sample that requires trim down for processing in the Microbiology lab (e.g., liver or placenta section submitted to Micro that is too large to process in that lab) - $30.00.
Sample that requires tissue collection for Microbiology testing that requires consultation with the pathologist such as collecting samples from a whole piglet or taking a joint swab from a leg - $50.00.

Please note that Microbiology and Clinical Pathology testing is not included in the necropsy fees, but additional testing is considered necessary in over 50% of necropsy cases. Pathologists often send samples for culture, etc. on a routine basis to confirm or rule out bacterial infections. If no additional testing is to be performed, please specify this on the animal history form at the time of submission.

Requests for research or cost estimates see Research, Surveillance and Other Specialized Testing section.

A $20.00 hold fee will apply to requests for PDS to hold and maintain tissue samples for further/future testing. This hold fee does not apply to regular necropsy submissions. The hold fee is non-refundable.

The animal remains disposal option currently utilized by PDS is an environmentally friendly thermo-chemical process (alkaline hydrolysis). There are no additional fees for this service on cases submitted for a necropsy examination.

Contact the Diagnostic Services Office at (306) 966-7316 or visit the PDS website: for information on local cremation services offered through Family Pet Cremation Services. Clients will be assessed additional fees for provision of this service. This service is limited to small animal cases whose Risk Assessment has eliminated the possibility of being infected with (a) Risk Group 3 organism(s).

Rabies Confirmatory Testing is now performed only when a collaborative and consultative decision between Public Health and the SK Ministry of Environment’s Rabies Risk Assessment Veterinarian (RRAV) have determined the “risk to either animal or human health” warrants that a brain sample should be collected and transported to the Rabies Laboratory in Lethbridge Alberta. PDS serves as a Collection Depot for sample drop off. Testing and transportation fees are covered by SK Ministry of Agriculture when Program criteria are met. Consult RRAV for further explanation 1-844-7-RABIES (1-844-772-2437).

All whole-body bovine, ovine and bison submissions presented for necropsy examination must have a valid Canadian Cattle Identification Agency (CCIA) RFID ear tag assigned and affixed prior to submission to the PDS Necropsy Facility and/or upon leaving their herd of origin. This includes very late term fetuses and neonates. The PDS Necropsy Facility is mandated to document and “Retire” the assigned CCIA tag in compliance with the Health of Animals Act and as mandated by the CCIA Program and the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA). Refer to -