Dr. Yanyun Huang, BAgr (Vet Med), MSc, PhD, DACVP - Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Yanyun received his veterinary degree (BAgr, Vet Med) at South China Agriculture University in 2002. Having obtained a strong interest in pathology, he entered a Master's program in the same university and worked on a shrimp pathology project, although his primary interested species is pig. After receiving his first Master’s degree (MAgr, Vet Path) in 2005 in China, he moved from a subtropical area to Saskatoon because he believed his fever for pathology would keep him warm. Yanyun obtained pathology training at WCVM and at the same time did a research project with Dr. Simko on pig milk proteins. In 2008, finishing the pathology training and master program (MSc), he joined Dr. Harding and Dr. Hill for a research project on porcine Periweaning Failure-to-Thrive Syndrome (PFTS) and also obtained his PhD degree in 2014. Yanyun’s hobby is not collecting different degrees but he surely enjoyed and valued those experiences. In 2013, Yanyun joined PDS as an anatomic pathologist. He has a special interest in pigs but also enjoys the variety of different species from domestic to zoo animal he gets to encounters here. In 2014, he passed the certification exam of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists (ACVP). Yanyun is married to Vivi and is the father of two boys, Eason and Gideon. Yanyun can be reached by email ( or phone (306-966-7297).

Anatoliy Trokhymchuk, Chief Scientific Officer

Lionel Diederichs, Director of Finance and Administration (CFO)

Gloria Patry, Director of Project Management and Stakeholder Relations

Karen Moline, Director of Quality Management