Moving Veterinary Diagnostics Forward with Genomics


PDS is certified by Oxford Nanopore Technologies as a sequencing service provider since 2018. A team of experienced diagnostic professionals, technologists and bioinformaticians runs our Genomics Laboratory equipped with a GridION X5, PromethION P2 Solo, and Hamilton NGS STAR instruments to effectively handle a variety of sequencing applications from a single diagnostic sample to large multi-thousand sample research projects.

Current diagnostic sequencing-based services include:

  • Bacterial isolate identification, genome assembly, and characterization by whole-genome nanopore sequencing;
  • Salmonella serotyping by whole-genome nanopore sequencing;
  • Direct bacterial whole-genome (shotgun) metagenomics to characterize entire bacterial population present in a diagnostic sample;
  • Viral metagenomics to characterize RNA viral population present in a diagnostic sample.

With rapid maturation of third-generation sequencing technologies we expect the scope of our genomics-based diagnostic applications will further expand and mature in the near future.

Please enquire with your diagnostic needs and research project requirements to consult on appropriate samples, sequencing depth, and bioinformatic analysis options.

  • PDS Genomics Laboratory can assist diagnostic and research clients with accessing Illumina and Sanger sequencing platforms if required.
  • PDS Genomics Laboratory has experience in experimental design, planning, sequencing, bioinformatic analysis, and data management for a variety of research projects involving different target organisms and populations.

If you have a special request, please contact PDS to discuss your needs.