Moving Veterinary Diagnostics Forward with Genomics

A team of experienced diagnostic professionals and technologists run our Genomics Laboratory equipped with a GridION X5 to effectively handle a variety of sequencing applications from a single diagnostic sample to large volume of samples for research projects.

Current diagnostic sequencing-based services include:

  • Bacterial isolate identification, genome assembly, and characterization by whole-genome nanopore sequencing;
  • Salmonella Typing by whole-genome nanopore sequencing;
  • Amplicon sequencing for specific targets such as Influenza A - HA and NA genes.

We also offer sequencing for research projects, such as:

  • Direct bacterial whole-genome (shotgun) metagenomics to characterize bacterial population present in a diagnostic sample.

With rapid maturation of third-generation sequencing technologies we expect the scope of our genomics-based diagnostic applications will further expand and mature in the near future.

Please enquire with your diagnostic needs to consult on appropriate samples, sequencing depth, and bioinformatic analysis options.