Companion Animal

As of May 1, 2022 Potassium Bromide (KBR) will be a referred out test due to the fact that PDS does not currently have a method for KBr testing. The KBr method is an ELISA method so it cannot be tested on the same analyzer as the Phenobarb (Siemens Immulite). PDS may look at developing and offering KBr testing in the future but currently we have no timeline as to if or when this may happen.

If you request both Phenobarb and KBr, the Phenobarb will be tested in Clinical Pathology on Tuesday and Friday (same as previous). KBr will be referred out Monday to Thursday, if samples are received before noon. Submissions received Thursday afternoon, Friday and Saturday will be sent out the following week.

Clients may choose to send both the Phenobarb and KBr to Université of Montréal – contact PDS receiving office (306-966-7316) for current pricing. If this is your preference, please clearly indicate on the submission form that both tests are to be sent to the Université of Montréal.