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Mycoplasma hyopneumonia HIPRA ELISA Kit is discontinued effective immediately


Effective immediately the Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae ELISA kit from HIPRA has been discontinued. Currently, we are looking into other commercially available serology kits as a secondary test to the IDEXX Mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, and we will start a validation process if we find a good alternative.


PDS has one HIPRA kit on hand, however, the expiry date is December 17, 2022.  We can continue to use this kit past the expiry date providing all control and QC values are within the kit specifications.  We estimate that our current kit will be depleted by April of 2023 at which point the only ELISA option PDS can offer for M. hyo is the IDEXX kit unless we find an alternative by that time.


How will the discontinuation of the HIPRA kit affect the testing requirements for the pork industry? If no alternative is found, will you decide to ship you samples to an alternate laboratory?


Please contact PDS with any questions or concerns.