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BVD Skin Biopsy Sampling Instruction


Materials and Equipment Needed:
1. Ear Notching tool that yields a 1cm/side notch. Recommend purchasing two or more tools for cleaning
and disinfection process.
2. Red Top blood tube: the preferred tube is a 7ml draw, 16mm x 75mm.
3. Shipping container rack that holds individual tubes in slots.
4. Sample log sheet (separate one for each owner).
5. Disinfectant for rinsing notching tool: 100% bleach (e.g., 100ml bleach in 900ml water).
6. Clean rinse water: 3–5-gallon bucket. Change bucket water every 20-30 notches.
7. Use disposable gloves and wear clean coveralls.

Collection Procedure:
1. Label Red Top collection tube with the sequence number (#1 though number in submission). Record
animal ID on log sheet. Submit a separate Bovine Submission Form and BVD Biopsy Sample Log
Sheet (or Excel list) for each owner. Test charges apply per owner.
2. Dip notching tool in disinfectant. Then ALWAYS rinse away disinfectant with copious quantities of
clean water. Caution: Residual disinfectant on the notching tool will yield false negative results,
therefore thorough rinsing with clean water is required!!
3. Take a proper size ear notch from a clean portion of the ear (see Figure 1). For comparison, a triangle
notch size is superimposed on a nickel (see Figure 2). Place notch into a labeled, dry, Red Top collection
tube (no formalin, other liquid, or separator gel; do not use snap-cap milk tubes or Whirl-Pak® bags).
4. Caution: Do not vaccinate or tattoo at the same time samples are taken. Collected ear notch MUST be free
from contaminating dirt, feces, tattoo ink or BVD vaccine.
5. Store collected ear notches for a maximum of 72 hours at refrigerator temperatures and ship over night to PDS.
If shipment has to be delayed, samples can be frozen.


BVD Biopsy Sample Log Sheet