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Virology/TSE Test Reference guide

(Electron microscopy – EM; Enzyme Linked Immunoassay - ELISA (tissues, feces);
Fluorescent antibody test - FAT (tissues, feces); Viral isolation - VI) 

Bovine adenovirus: VI
Bovine coronavirus: EM, FAT
Bovine enterovirus: VI
Bovine herpesvirus mammilitis (BHV-2): VI
Bovine herpesvirus -1: FAT, VI
Bovine papular stomatitis: VI
Bovine parainfluenza virus - 3: FAT, VI
Bovine respiratory syncytial virus: FAT, VI
Bovine rotavirus: FAT
Bovine viral diarrhea virus: FAT, VI
Canine coronavirus: EM
Canine papilloma virus: EM
Canine parvovirus: ELISA, FAT, VI
Chronic Wasting Disease: ELISA
Equine herpesvirus -1; FAT, VI
Equine rotavirus: EM
Feline calicivirus: VI
Feline herpesvirus: VI
Feline Panleukopenia virus: VI
Giardia/Cryptosporidia Combo: FAT
Ovine Contagious Ecthyma (Orf virus): VI
Porcine coronavirus: EM
Porcine parvovirus: FAT, VI
Porcine rotavirus: EM, FAT
Scrapie: ELISA

Please refer to the specific agent in the Test and Services Guide for prices and details. If agent not listed above may be available as a referred out test or new test (contact PDS).