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Dale Godson, DVM, PhD, Veterinary Microbiologist - dale.godson@pds.usask.ca

Dr. Dale GodsonDale is responsible for professional oversight in the areas of virology and immunology, which coincidently were the areas he studied when he embarked on his PhD studies of viral calf diarrhea in 1984. Originally from Tisdale, Sask., Dale completed his veterinary degree at WCVM in 1982 and worked in private practice in Alberta for two years before returning to Saskatoon to do graduate studies. After completing his PhD in 1990, he continued working in the areas of immunology and host defense to infectious diseases as a research scientist at the Veterinary Infectious Disease Organization for 10 years.

Dale returned to the Dept. of Veterinary Microbiology to do research on antibody-based immune therapies, and while there, he started on-the-job training for diagnostic work. In the fall of 2006, he assumed his current diagnostic position with PDS. The diagnostic setting allows Dale to integrate the knowledge of viral pathogenesis and host defense gained during his research years with his clinical training and experience. He enjoys the challenge of interpreting test results to solve diagnostic problems.

Dale’s wife, Sarah, is an elementary school teacher, and they have a daughter and a son. The family enjoys camping and canoeing, and cross country skiing in the winter.