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Our Team

Prairie Diagnostic Services (PDS) prides itself on the expertise of its diagnosticians, the dedication and experience of its technical staff and the professionalism of all employees. Over the past several years, PDS has also made substantial investments in new and state of the art laboratory equipment to improve existing diagnostic testing as well as to add new testing capabilities and capacity. But the most important investment has been our staff's committment to the Quality Assurance program that PDS has implemented.

It is the ongoing goal for PDS and its staff to continue to provide excellent services to their clients with accurate results, improved turn around times and the continued high level of professional diagnostic expertise of our "team", around which our services have been built.


Microbiology Lab 

Microbiology Lab

Left to Right, Back Row: Michelle Greyeyes, Deanna Carlson, Kara Towes
Middle Row: Anju Tumber (PCR Technical Specialist), Laura Bond (Virology/Serology Technical Specialist), Alina Nowak (Toxicology Technical Specialist), Maggie Schwab (Microbiology Supervisor), Hristina Berberova, Melissa Koehnlein
Front Row: Lilian Fernandez (Bacteriology Technical Specialist), Yao Qin Wang, Cassandra Herbert, (missing: Monique Buhler, Victoria May, Karen Moline, Kim Cantin, Jane Moker, Amanda Brooks)

Histology Lab

Left to Right, Back Row: Phil Dillman (Histology Technical Specialist), Janine Johnson
Front Row: Randean Rubiletz, Suzanne Krieger, Heather Wang

Histology Lab

DSO Staff 

Diagnostic Services Office

Left to Right: Erica Zurowski, Doug Walde (Supervisor), Leslie Read, Kathy Dielschneider, Pauline Gaudette, (missing Jeana Penno)

Clinical Pathology Lab

Left to Right, Back Row: Pat Wagner, Shelley Eggum
Front Row: Lorena Cruz, Gloria Patry (Clinical Pathology Supervisor), Kim Appelt, Kim Christiansen, (missing Lori Schappert)

Clinical Pathology Techs 

 Necropsy Lab  

Necropsy Lab

Left to Right: Jim Mager, Alissa Fehr, Josh Rozenhart, Lois Ridgway (Necropsy Lab Supervisor), Leah Heasman, (missing Kelsey Rokosh)