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Special Information for Clinical Pathology Submissions

  1. A $20.00 “STAT” fee will apply to all “STAT” requests received anytime during the day, as well as to samples received after 3:30 PM Monday through Saturday, that require same day results. The “STAT” fee will also apply to any submission that a clinician requests immediate preliminary (including platelet counts) or finalized results (this includes requests for prioritized cytology interpretations). 
  2. Same day results are available for the majority of the Clinical Pathology Tests that arrive at the lab by 2:00 PM. 
    1.  For samples that arrive after 2:00 PM, finalized results may not be available until the morning of the next business day. 
  3. Samples received prior to 1:00 PM on Saturday will receive Pathologist Interpretation.
  4. Cytology submissions
    1. Cytology, Smears / Imprints
      1. Slides must be clearly labeled with patient ID and site ID.
      2. Single site, 8 slides maximum.
      3. 2 – 3 sites, 8 slides maximum per site.
      4. 4 – 6 sites, 8 slides maximum per site.
      5. 7 – 10 sites, 8 slides maximum per site.
      6. There is a $5.00 charge for each slide above the maximum 8 per site.
    2. Cytology, Fluid
      1. Single fluid charge is $49.25
      2. Each additional tube of fluid, whether it is the same site or a different site is $24.75
    3. Turn around time is 24 hours.
    4. STAT cytology submissions must arrive at the lab before 4:30 PM in order to receive same day finalized results. Submissions received after 4:30 PM will be finalized the next business day.
  5. Urinalysis vs. Urine Cytology
    1. Urinalysis includes the urine strip, specific gravity, sediment and interpretation.  If the technologist sees what may be abnormal cells in the sediment a cytospin smear of the sediment will be prepared and the following comment will appear in the report:

"On the wet mount epithelial cells are present that do not have typical/normal appearance (and/or clumps of epithelial cells are present).  In such cases, further investigation is recommended.  An unstained cytocentrifuge preparation slide is available for staining and evaluation/interpretation by a clinical pathologist - if this is desired contact our laboratory with authorization to proceed (and additional charge of $31.00 would apply)."

      b. Urine Cytology includes the Urinalysis (See 5a.) cytocentrifuge preparation slide and Clinical Pathologist interpretation of that slide.

6.To add tests on to a previous submission fax a test request to (306) 966-2488.