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Animal health surveillance is an important part of the PDS mandate. PDS is a member of the Canadian Animal Health Surveillance System (CAHSS) and the Canadian Animal Health Surveillance Network (CAHSN). Diagnostic submission data are aggregated into a database hosted by the Canadian Network for Public Health Intelligence (CNPHI) for the purposes of national-level syndromic animal health surveillance.

Driven by the PDS Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) data, passive animal health surveillance is conducted through detailed periodic analyses for endemic diseases of economic importance.

The materials posted under this section  may contain, and/or provide links to, information prepared by third parties. This information expresses the views of the authors alone and does not necessarily reflect the views of Prairie Diagnostic Services Inc. (PDS).  PDS does not warrant or make any representations concerning the materials under this section or on any sites linked to the documents.


 TitleOwnerCategoryModified DateSize 
Saskatchewan Equine Infectious Anemia cases 2011 - 2017PrairieDiagnostics Administrator 5/10/2017758.84 KBDownload
Saskatchewan Chronic Wasting Disease in wild cervids in 2016PrairieDiagnostics Administrator 5/15/20171.30 MBDownload
Saskatchewan/North America Chronic Wasting Disease in wild cervids in 2017PrairieDiagnostics Administrator 5/15/20171.65 MBDownload
Saskatchewan West Nile Virus cases in horses 2014 - 2017PrairieDiagnostics Administrator 5/7/2018430.85 KBDownload
PDS antibiogram 2016PrairieDiagnostics Administrator 8/8/2017282.39 KBDownload
PDS antibiogram 2015PrairieDiagnostics Administrator 5/23/2017278.29 KBDownload
Saskatchewan Chronic Wasting Disease in wild cervids in 2015PrairieDiagnostics Administrator 5/15/20171.67 MBDownload
Saskatchewan Bovine Viral Diarrhea testing in 2015 - 2016PrairieDiagnostics Administrator 5/10/20171.47 MBDownload