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Brian Zwaan, P.Ag, Director of Client Services and Marketing - brian.zwaan@pds.usask.ca

Brian Zwann Brian Zwaan joined PDS as the Director of Client Services and Marketing effective December 1. 2014.  Brian has taken responsibility for client services, outreach, marketing and sales.  He will play a key role in interfacing with our diverse client groups and other key stakeholders and facilitating the information flow between PDS and our clients.

Brian brings 25+ years of relationship management, sales and marketing experience to PDS.  After graduating from the University of Saskatchewan with a Bachelors of Agriculture Degree (Animal Science), he spent 13 years with the veterinary pharmaceutical industry in sales and program development and management.  He then spent 5 years as CEO of an automobile parts and supplies business and another 9 years in sales for an agriculture seed distributor.  Most recently he has worked as a program development manager for Farmers of North America in both sales program development.  

He and his wife, Dr. Trish Dowling (WCVM), live on an acreage out by St. Denis with their two children.